OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO unfortunately is announcing the cancellation of "ROCKLAND EXPRESS" which was scheduled for the Clarence-Rockland Arena on April 30 and May 1st, 2016.

To find a facility large enough, and within budgetary means to host a show the size of "ROCKLAND EXPRESS" is becoming more and more difficult. Faced with cost increases well above the inflation rate, the rental of a facility and the associated show rentals is proving to be unaffordable. This is further compounded by a declining pool of available able bodied and enthusiastic volunteers in the community.

With deep consideration, the directors of OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO have decided to cancel any future operations of this not-for-profit corporation. Final cash residuals will be donated to Roger's House, as is stated in the Constitution of Ottawa Train Expo.

Over the years, OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO directors sought to find a balance between providing the greatest and most affordable event for all participants (patrons, vendors and exhibitors), the best possible show venue and giving back to the community by providing Roger's House with an annual donation. The forecast for the coming year does not look favorable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this cancelation causes with plans you have made for participation in the 2016 edition.

We would like to thank everyone for the support we have received in the past editions and are proud to have donated over $ 10,000 to Roger's House, an eight-bed paediatric residential hospice that welcomes families with children / youth who are living with a life limiting illness that results in increased pain and symptoms and a progressive decline of health.

From the first show in 2011 at Carleton University, we were the largest model railroad show in eastern Canada, and the second largest in the whole country. Those of you who attended or participated over the years can be proud that you were part of it.

Thank you to all we have met along the way, and thank you for the great friendships made.

OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO wishes to thank Giant Tiger, Bell Media, Rapido Trains and all others who generously assisted with the production of the shows.

Photos from the 2015 Show:

Photos taken by Ian McCord

©2015 by Ottawa Train Expo, a Not-For-Profit Corporation

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